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This is us, who are you?

Your wish takes center stage. Naturally, every customer has different ideas on how to live well and lead a happy life. Your living environment is at least as important as the home itself. The i4Housing real estate agents realize this all too well.

As a Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) real estate agency, i4Housing is professional and reliable. With a team of 5  experienced certified real estate agents/appraisers and active back office employees, we are happy to relieve you from the beginning to the end.

i4 YOU

We are you partner from the very first meeting until the delivery of your wish. We listen to what your preferences are and  brainstorm together with you.

During the purchase or sales process or while searching for your dream home, we will give you advise and keep an eye on all financial, legal and engineering aspects. In close cooperation with you, we will arrange what needs to be arranged. We will take the initiative ourselves where necessary, but we will keep you fully informed.

You will get the service we would like to receive ourselves!

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Generaties i4Housing

The power of different generations

“Enthusiastic, professional and a large network” – merely a few terms that describe our real estate agents.

Like father, like daughter, we say in this case.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” is Chita’s, our Register Real Estate Agent/Appraiser Candidate (KRMT) real estate agent, favorite statement and she did not get that from a stranger. “Negotiating is in our blood,” according to the Register Real Estate Agent/Appraiser (RMT) certified appraiser and real estate agent Ton.

Our sales strategy

i4Housing continues where the average real estate agent stops.

In addition to the standard activities you can expect from us as a real estate agency, we creatively use both online and offline tools to quickly and efficiently match supply and demand on your behalf. This means buying and selling is increasingly taking place; in some cases, even before a house is officially put on the market.

With the help of our expert at the office specialized in the promotional aspect of housing, we delve into the marketing options for you. We compose and provide tailored advice for you and strive for the best result.

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