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Sales strategy

i4Housing continues where the average real estate agent stops.

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In addition to the standard activities you can expect from us as a real estate agency, we creatively use both online and offline tools to quickly and efficiently match supply and demand on your behalf. This means buying and selling is increasingly taking place.

With the help of our expert at the office specialized in the promotional aspect of housing, we delve into the marketing options for you. We compose and provide tailored advice for you and strive for the best result.

Meet our specialist.

Home presentation

When it comes to selling your home, it is all about presentation and promotion. We create the following promotional instruments for you:

✓ Extensive sales brochure
✓ Professional photography/video
✓ Listing on both Funda and our own website
✓ Production of floor plans of your home
✓ Showcase presentation
✓ Flyers
✓ Expansion of a customized media package

Our experience is that a striking and recognizable house-styled 4SALE sign makes a positive contribution to the sale of a home.

Sales texts

In addition to home presentation, the marketing texts on Funda and on our own website are essential. Your potential buyer cannot help but think in images while searching for the perfect dream home.

i4Housing offers the opportunity to put the marketing texts in a more creative jacket. The catchier the text, the faster and more it will appeal to their imagination.


Target audience

When you choose to put your property up for sale with us, you will receive tailor- made advice regarding a specified target group determination and the promotion(s) of the property.

By estimating the behavior of the target group, i4Housing achieves the best possible market fit to put your home up for sale as effectively as possible. Of course we are happy to pour you a cup of coffee to inform you further.

Online & offline promotion

In addition to the standard home presentation, we are happy to think along with you about the online and offline marketing options. With a specialty in online advertisement, we can create various advertisements to bring your home to the attention of the potential buyer or tenant.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or a post on Nu.nl: your buyer is closer than you think!

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