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Sustainability report per home

Every prospective buyer is curious about the expected energy costs, but perhaps even more about the potential of the home when investing in sustainability. Especially for you, on our website we offer the opportunity for each home to see what sustainability can offer you, in one report. In this report you will find: the expected energy costs, sustainability opportunities and cost savings based on the final energy label. A clear investment-benefit analysis, easy to obtain and unique per object in combination with the composition of the household.

We are one step ahead of you!

The sustainability issue is important to you as a potential buyer.

Easy to request

A report that you can download with one click.

We make you aware!

We think along with you about sustainability and energy consumption.

This is how it works…

You will find the download form on our website, on every object page. By filling in your family situation, interested parties can immediately see how your dream home can be made future-proof. The energy issue is discussed during every viewing today. And we want to respond to that as your real estate agent! With this handy tailor-made report (i.e. per home) we can provide the desired answers to your questions in advance. If you cannot complete the download form at one of our homes, an object is not suitable for the report.

This way you will receive information about…

  • expected energy costs based on the final energy label;
  • energy costs after sustainability;
  • possible sustainability opportunities;
  • the expected investment-benefit analysis.
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