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When to use a buying agent?

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From experience we can definitely say that it pays off to use the knowledge, experience and network of a buying agent when searching for your dream home.

Of course, you are always free to search for a house, view it or negotiate a purchase price yourself. For many, this saves money, but in some cases it does pay off to invest in a buying agent. We answer the question: “What advantages does a buying agent offer?”.

  1. You want to respond (more) quickly to a property

In today’s overheated housing market, in which homes are sold at lightning speed, you often need to be able to react quickly when a home comes on the market. Thanks to their network, our estate agents often already know which homes will be for sale and which are not yet online: this gives you an enormous advantage as a seeker. Not only useful during your search, but also especially useful if you don’t have time to keep an eye on the newest offers all day long. Not only useful during your search, but also especially useful if you don’t have time to keep an eye on the newest offers all day long. Especially when there are several potential buyers, this can be beneficial for you.

  1. When your own search does not produce the desired result

Are you having trouble finding a property that fits your perfect picture? Our estate agents will go through your wishes and budget with you beforehand. n this way they can properly assess whether your wishes are realistic and achievable and come up with possible suggestions that give a new impulse to your search. For example, a cheaper house with possibilities for extension/renovation or perhaps an interesting new-build project.

  1. Certainty about the house value

Currently, overbidding seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It’s important for you that an estate agent always remains critical of a realistic price for your potential new dream home. Of course you can do your own research into transaction prices at district and street level, for example via the Land Registry, but a buying agent will go one step further for you. He/she can make a more accurate estimation with regard to information on the state of maintenance, has access to the transaction prices of houses even before they are listed in the Land Registry and has often viewed the reference properties for you.

  1. When you don’t want to overlook anything

Not only does a viewing give you a first impression of the house, it’s especially important to find out the right information about the house. Do you want to avoid overlooking something important during a viewing? A buying agent makes an inventory of the structural condition, looks at the finish and inquires with the selling agent in order to fulfil your investigation obligation. This way you can focus on the question if you could see yourself living here.

  1. If you want advice on your bidding strategy

It’s important to note that the best bid need not always be the highest bid. The conditions you attach to your bid weigh heavily. In some cases there’s no room for negotiation and you can only bid through registration, where you must immediately submit your best bid. When you can make an offer via an online bidding platform, the experience and knowledge of a buying agent can certainly come in handy. He/she can support you in making an offer that you fully support. Together with a buying agent, you will come across as a serious party to the seller.

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