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What are the advantages of a buying agent?

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Buying a house is exciting and can be a bit scary at the same time. It is a large investment and there is a lot to take in. A lot of information can be found online, but you can also call in a professional: a buying agent. What does a buying agent actually do? And what are the advantages of a buying agent? Let us inform you!


What does a buying agent actually do?

A buying agent helps you find and buy a house. A buying agent is well informed about the local housing market and knows what is for sale. That way you, as a buyer, will know of new places well before anyone else does. That’s very useful, especially if you want to buy a house in a popular neighbourhood or region.

A buying agent can help you from beginning to end with the purchase of a house, from the search for a house to the handing over of the keys – but you can also choose to do part of it yourself. Maybe you like to search for suitable houses yourself, but you prefer to leave the negotiations to your estate agent. The exact tasks of the estate agent can be agreed to in advance. That way, you know exactly where you stand.


What are the advantages of a buying agent?

  • Buying agents are often the first to know about houses that come on the market. So you are the first to know when a suitable house is for sale.
  • You have an expert on your side. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of a buying agent. What you may be doing for the first time, an agent does on a daily basis.
  • You get an objective opinion about a residence. Your buying agent is not emotionally involved in the buying process.
  • A lot of work is taken out of your hands. A buying agent saves you an enormous amount of time, energy and hassle.

What is the best choice for you?

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Source: Vereniging Eigen Huis