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What to expect of the housing market in 2022?

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What to expect of the housing market in 2022?

The financial plans for 2022 were presented during the Dutch Budget Day, known as Prinsjesdag. Which of these plans will affect home owners, sellers and buyers?
In any event, this is what you need to know.


Further reduction of mortgage tax relief

People with an annual income higher than €69,398 will have less mortgage tax relief from 1 January 2022. The relief percentage of the mortgage tax will drop from 43% to 40%.

National Mortgage Guarantee up

It is possible to take out a mortgage, it is possible in specific cases on the basis of the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). A mortgage with NHG reduces the financial risks for buyers. In 2022, the NHG cost limit will rise from €325,000 to €355,000.

The NHG shall be increased because of the huge increase in house prices. The costs of taking out an NHG mortgage will go down slightly: from 0.7% to 0.6%.

Deemed rental value decreases

According to the Dutch Tax Authorities, people who own their own home build up equity. That is why homeowners must add an amount to their taxable income when they file their tax returns. This is the imputed income from an owner-occupied home.

In 2022, the imputed home ownership tax will drop from 0.50% to 0.45% for homes up to €1,110,000. As a result, you can deduct more mortgage interest from the tax.

Private lease car will influence the maximum mortgage amount more

If you own a private lease car, it will count towards the maximum mortgage amount you may apply for. Currently, 65% of the contract amount is considered debt. From April 2020, the full amount will be regarded as debt and registered with the Dutch credit bureau (BKR).

Start of National Insulation Programme

The government is launching a National Insulation Programme. For this purpose, an amount of €514 million will be made available to insulate owner-occupied and rented houses. With this amount, the government wants to ensure that 20% more houses for sale and rent are better insulated.

Subsidy for purchasing a hybrid water pump

In addition to the National Insulation Programme, €288 million has been reserved for subsidising hybrid water pumps. House owners can apply for a subsidy of €1,000 to €2,100 for the purchase of such a hybrid water pump. A hybrid heat pump is a heating system that can generate heat from both electricity and gas.

1 billion for extra homes

Until 2031, €100 million per year is available for the construction of new houses. Municipalities can claim the money in order to have the construction sector build more houses.

Energy bill

In 2022, the tax on gas will increase and the tax on electricity will decrease. In addition, an increase in the price of gas is expected as a result of scarcity in Europe. Through You can use a tool on the Milieucentraal.nl website to calculate how the tax change will affect your costs. Please note: this does not include any price increases for gas and energy.