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Living in The Hague

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i4 Housing makelaar in omgeving Wassenaar

Living in The Hague

Living in The Hague is literally living in the only large Dutch city by the sea! Just a stone’s throw from the historic city center you will find no less than eleven kilometers of beach. Take the tram and fifteen minutes later you can enjoy the fresh sea air. In The Hague you live close to the sea.

Whoever you are or how you live, in The Hague you will find your dream home in a neighborhood that suits you. If you choose The Hague, you will not leave soon. Family expansion or retired? You will find a spacious and pleasant place in The Hague for every phase in your life.

Van Kleef

The only remaining gin and liqueur distillery is located in the center of The Hague: Van Kleef.

You come here not only for Bridal Tears, Kruìde Baggâh or Haager Whiskey, but also for a special story. The cordial owner knows a nice anecdote about each liqueur or gin and tells passionately about the company and its origins. The distillery was founded in 1842 – and you can see it upon entering: the building exudes craftsmanship from every pore, complete with barrels containing delicious water.

Van Kleef also offers various packages and there is the option of a tour with a private guide who explains more about the equipment, the history of the distillery and the spirits produced.

i4 Housing makelaar in omgeving Wassenaar
i4 Housing makelaar in omgeving Wassenaar

Noordeinde Palace

“The King at work”

The Hague has been the home and workplace of the Oranges for four centuries. That long regal history is tangible everywhere. Surrounded by boutiques and galleries is Noordeinde Palace, the working palace of King Willem-Alexander.

The waving flag on the roof tells you if the king is in the country. And did you know that you can even have a picnic in the backyard of the palace !?


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