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At i4Housing, we are happy to look out for your interests. Your purchase agent will help you choose your hew home. We do so by giving you information about the history of the house, the neighborhood and any zoning plans. After all, the housing market is constantly changing.

The dissolving condition, (penalty) clauses and other provisions in draft deeds are checked and, if necessary, further explained and, if desired, discussed with the selling party. Of course, the price of a house is important and in many cases decisive. Your Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) purchase agent negotiates on your behalf and determines together with you the strategy to take and the bidding

Naturally, the purchase agent fulfills an advisory role in this and your own vote is ultimately decisive.

A purchase agent ensures that all aspects surrounding the purchase of a house are dealt with properly. From the first viewing to reading the HOA documents, from using the network of appraisers and mortgage advisers to the final signature at the notary. This will save you a lot of time and a great deal of worries!

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✓ The negotiations

✓ The deed of purchase and the deed of transfer

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We see it as our task to present things clearly to you in order to simplify your purchase decision!

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