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Ideally, you want the sales process to run as quickly and smoothly as possible and that you receive a good amount for your home

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Selling a home in

You have decided to sell your house in Wassenaar or surroundings. Ideally, you want the sales process to run as quickly and smoothly as possible and receive a nice sum for your home. i4Housing can help you with that! Our team focuses on the person behind “and in” the home.

In addition to more than 5 experienced certified real estate agents/appraisers and 4 active back office employees, i4Housing also has a marketing and communication specialist. We know through continuous research who your target group is and how we can connect your home to this group. Simply put, we view your home in two ways: as it is, a product that we market effectively with our marketing knowledge and capabilities, and emotionally, the living pleasure, the soul of the house. We find out which specific aspects of your home and living environment meet the needs of those interested.

We are also fully skilled in engineering and legal matters. Our team is qualified and is back in school several times a year.
i4Housing is to you the well-known “around the corner” party. We take you and your home seriously.

i4Housing is the well-known party “from around the corner” for you, we take you and your home seriously. We believe that we can achieve the best results for you and we know we can be of added value. We would be happy to start a conversation with you if you are curious to find out more on how we would approach the sale of your home. Completely non- committal and open.

Clear communication

Frequent and transparent communication during the sales process is essential. We regularly evaluate the sales together with you and, if necessary, adjust the sales strategy. We would like to keep you informed about the property details and the
agenda via a personal online sales file. Our services only end after the inspection and transfer of the house. If things are still unclear after the transfer, you can of course still contact us.

You will get the service we would like to receive ourselves!

Promotion of your home

When it comes to selling your home, it is also about presentation and promotion. We create the following promotional instruments for you:

✓ Extensive sales brochure

✓ Professional photography/video

✓ Listing on both Funda and our own website

✓ Production of floor plans of your home

✓ Window showcasing

✓ Flyers

✓ Expansion of a customized media package

Our experience is that a striking and recognizable house-styled 4SALE sign makes a positive contribution to the sale of a home. In addition, we use email marketing and social media to further promote your home. If desired, we can also give your home more visibility through both online and offline advertisements. Thanks to our strategic approach, our homes are immediately brought to the attention of the target group of your home.

Work area

i4Housing has its office in Wassenaar but is active in the South Holland region. This includes the cities of Leiden, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Leidschendam, The Hague (Nootdorp) and Rijswijk.

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