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These are the new interior trends of 2023.

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What will we see and what will we definitely be leaving behind us in 2023? In the coming year, comfort, quality and sustainability will play an important role. In addition, the two extremes in interior design trends for 2023 have been spotted: minimalism to great effect on the one hand, maximalism and fun on the other.

Home decoration trend 1: round and organic

We have been seeing for a while that accessories, furniture and materials are often organic, round and natural. We will certainly embrace this trend again in 2023. ‘As long as the outside world remains ominous due to viruses, war, inflation and climate threats, we will seek comfort at home and build a safe nest. This is expressed in round shapes, cuddly fabrics, soft tones and natural materials.’

Even vtwonen stylist Marianne Luning predicts many round finishes in materials and furniture for 2023. ‘The curves and the softening of shapes give your interior an airy and secure feeling.’

So whether it’s a sofa, armchair or rug; comfort is just as important today as appearance. This includes:

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Home decoration trend 2: sustainability and second-hand

Because we spent the necessary hours at home in recent years, we were able to take a good look at our interior. In 2023 we will design our house more consciously and we will appreciate sustainability and quality more. This is reflected in the reuse of things. Nicolette: ‘We see that the second-hand (design) market is booming. booming is. We are looking for a way to improve our own living environment with unique pieces and personal finds. This makes quality important again. Products must last several lives.’

The demand for unique vintage finds will grow even faster in 2023. Furniture and accessories are not only of good quality, they tell a story. And sometimes they have already spent a lifetime on it. This includes:

  • a used designer armchair
  • materials with a long lifespan
  • a vintage sideboard or cabinet

Home decoration trend 3: nature

After a period in which we lived indoors a lot due to the pandemic, we need and crave for the outdoors more than ever. We have come to appreciate nature and earth more, which is reflected in the interior. On the one hand by using natural colours such as brown and green, on the other hand by creating a relaxed place, preferably low to the ground. Think of low armchairs and nice hangouts.

Brown tones bring warmth and security, green tones liveliness and harmony. The fastest way to make your place greener is of course the houseplant. Nicolette: ‘In 2023 we will even find large trees or mega plants in our home.’ These are the most beautiful large plants.

Other ways to implement this nature trend:

  • warm earth tones, wood, natural stone and sturdy fabrics
  • the seventies are back, among others HKLiving is inspired by the seventies with a new collection
  • vintage cabinets and sideboards in warm wood colours
  • with a green colour in the living room you bring the outside inside
  • in addition to brown, you can use retro colours such as orange and terracotta



Home decoration trend 4: minimalism

In 2023 we will also be looking for slow living. This means, among other things, that we often take a step back and create a safe haven in which we can relax. An excess of stimuli distracts us from this goal, so we long for less is more. Nicolette: ‘Minimalism is all about achieving a big effect with little. Less, but better. We are going to a light and airy house with a peaceful and serene feeling.’

So do you like a modern and sleek interior? Then the minimalist living style might be something for you. how you can start such a minimalist lifestyle. lees je hier. Or try the following:

  • ton-sur-ton use of colour
  • sleek shapes, natural materials and subdued colours
  • the emphasis on large windows, supplemented with the right lighting



Home decoration trend 5: maximalism

A completely opposite style trend is maximalism. Nicolette: ‘A fun interior is allowed in 2023, i.e. mix and match, eclectic prints and cheerful colour combinations.’ Stylist Marianne agrees: ‘In 2023 we will see special colour scenes again. More often, more than one colour is chosen in the house. If you find that exciting, choose pastel colours in the basics, so you keep it quiet.’ Read here how you can combine pastel colours in your home.

So, the so-called pop of colour is back in the living room. This includes:

  • accessores in bright colours
  • murals and playful wallpaper prints
  • a sofa, cabinet or dresser in a bold colour

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