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This way you known how much your house is worth

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You may have more equity than you think

The fact that house prices have risen sharply in recent times is no longer a surprise to anyone. The chance that your house is now worth (much) more than when you bought it, is therefore very large. Would you like to know how much your house is worth now? We’ll tell you how!

When you know how much your house is worth, you have a better idea what your budget will be when looking for a new home. Even if you have no plans to move, it is smart to follow the development of your home’s value. If there is a surplus value, you can always decide to invest in solar panels, a new bathroom or perhaps your dream kitchen.

In addition, there is also the possibility that you qualify for a lower mortgage interest rate. Suppose your mortgage was 100% of your home value when you bought your house. Due to the increase in value and repayments on your mortgage, this percentage (the so-called loan-to-value) is now only 80%. The bank therefore runs less risk of you not being able to repay your mortgage and in return may give you a lower mortgage interest rate.


Get your FREE online home appraisal

You will receive a first indication of your property value within minutes. We have made it very simple for you: you type in your address details and the online value indication will automatically supplement these with data from the Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (year of construction and surface area). The result is a minimum and maximum estimated value. This value depends entirely on the state of maintenance of your house. You can also see how your house value has increased or decreased in the past year.

Get a free home appraisal.


Unique features of a house

The value given is always an indication. This is because every house is unique. Therefore, always check the value of your house with your estate agent. Only they can give you a completely accurate picture of the final value at the time of application. If your detached house is in a neighbourhood full of terraced houses, this characteristic will obviously have a direct impact on the value.

Finally, there may be overdue maintenance or perhaps a recent renovation. This too will certainly affect the new value of your house. For this reason, you will always see a range with a minimum and maximum value.


Do you need a specific home appraisal?

The actual selling price of homes is ultimately determined by the market. Are you curious about the price for which you could put your house on the market? Then we advise you to use one of our estate agents. Our colleagues will also look at the inside of the house and take into account the state of repair. In addition, they will also take into account whether the house is on private land or leasehold and how the Homeowners’ Association, if any, functions (in the case of a flat).

Do you want to use the surplus value to renovate your house, for example? Then, in most cases, you will need to have your house appraised by a certified appraiser.

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